Ive been pondering about the seed of life lately..
How do you plant your seeds?

The seeds you now scatter will make life worse or better.
Yes, someday, you will enjoy the fruits, or you will pay for the choices you plant today.

Having that said...
I am a strong believer in perseverance, faith, and goodwill.

If there is something I believe in
I will fight for it with all my being..

But sometimes......

... you will have to succumb to a Awakening..

There comes a time in your life when you finally get it...
When in the midst of all the struggle and ruefulness
you stop dead in your tracks and

somewhere the voice inside your head cries out- ENOUGH!
Enough struggling to hold on.
You blink back your tears and through a mantle of wet lashes
you begin to look at the world from a new prospective.

This is your awakening.


Anonym sa...

So right

JayjAy sa...

I wonder when I will reach my awakening.

Anonym sa...

inspirational Peshi. thanx

Anonym sa...

Your soul is beautiful. I'm still waiting for your LP thou, when is it coming?