Hello World!!

So I am back in Sweden, just came home from a very sunny south of France.

I don't know what it is with south of France but every time I visit its vicinity it takes a big hold of me. I'm seriously considering moving down there,
BUT I just need to get my french straight first. =)

Besides linking up with dear friends of mine, the main reason flying down to Montpellier was to shoot a video for a up & coming project I'm doing with Grems, who is hands down one of the dopest artists coming out from Europe. Whether you are interested in arts or music you should check him out...

The single will be on a project Grems is doing together with the Brussels based producer Noza. The track also features the super talented DutchMassive from the States. In the words of Grems, " The track is a TUBE! " ahaha!

A big thank you to Gab " Bunk" and the rest of the Montp fam!!

And last and not least a Humongous shout out to one of my dearest homeys, Squalid and his wife Cynthia!

You guys are amazing and will always have a special place in my heart !!

And don't forget to check out Big Homey GREMS

Keep the mind inspired
// Persia Aka Peshi'lili


Cece sa...

When can we see the vid??

Anonym sa...


Anonym sa...

Grems is best.

Tame sa...

a cutie

Raffi sa...

Very cool Peshi.