Last week national radio held their yearly music aid.
The theme of this year was "All girls have the right to attend school"
All the money will go to a project that helps to improve the
situation for girls in Ethiopia.

The swedish people raised over 18 million. Amazing!

I had the privilege to take part of this beautiful movement...
I auctioned out a songwriting session and I also performed 2 tracks inside the glass cage.
Peshi- Moving so slow

Peshi- Gone


Anonym sa...

great peshi

dave sa...

Queen of the m-i-c! :-)

? sa...


Persia sa...

Great music. Groovy and jazzy. I like your voice. And a good cause too. I agree, all girls have a right to go to school.

Anonym sa...

Helt otroligt. Jag är så stolt över Sveriges mest utstrålande artist som heter Peshi!

Anonym sa...

Grymt uppträdande! Vad heter killen du har med dig som har den fantastiska soulrösten?

Peshi sa...

Tack för all kärlek & Värme! =)

Den enastående sångaren vid min sida är ingen mindre än Paul Mac Innes.

Anonym sa...

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