I love having me a Harajuku Barbie dose now & then!!!

Yeah she may be too much at times , she may have a butt filled with silicone, she may think guys are “creepy” and she may talk a lot of nonsens…..BUT SHE IS LOVABLE... and utterly entertaining!!!

I heard her spitting a verse on the come up DVD 3-4 years ago and I have been keeping my ears open since then… She released 2 mixtapes and have been featured on about a billion tracks.. the rest is history! - The Harajuku Barbie fever is taking over the world by storm.

With a confident delivery, witty lines mixed with humor and a BIG personality, she is truly branching out her own way...

NICKI MINAJ may be a "barbie girl, in a barbie world” but she bodied alot of emcees playing the "BIG LEAGUE", showing she's the real deal.

The full version of Nicki Minaj's first single has been released. Check out "Massive Attack"

- Nicki Minaj, Buckshot Joe Budden & Crown Royyal

What do you think of Nicki Minaj?


Dave sa...

I actually like her.she is not a master of what she does I appreciate the hard work and that she tries to think out of the box

Anonym sa...

I dont like her single