Salam my Peoples!
Can you believe its already mars? Feels like I celebrated the welcoming of 2009 only a couple weeks ago ..
I guess time flies when you have too much to do
but not enough time to do it.

Now back to updates and what I actually had time to do.

Sam-e called me up last week and asked if I could lace a verse for Medina's "Hiphop Patriot" remix. Medina are really doing there own thing, real prolific and creative, paving their own way in the swedish hiphop scene. If they ain't producing and recording 3sum tracks a day at the State Crown studios, they working on DVDs. Giving people a glimpse of whats going on in the swedish hiphop scene...
Big Up to the Hiphop patriots Medina !

So I breezed by Level8 studios met up with Change
and laced my verse. I also got introduced to Change's chillum aswell..
We got pretty acquainted... Chillum Chillin is the new thing. =)

Infinite Light