What to do?
Twitter, Facebook, Myspace,, Youtube....
I wanna update them all daily but there is no effin time. Shit is seriously stressful, I promised myself never to get twitter but here I am twittering and facebooking away daily.
What bothers me a great deal is that not only are we helping big brother to control us even more with all this facebook monitoring, we are also loosing a big part of our natural ways to socialize. I wonder how the social networking will look like in 10 years. Will people even meet face to face or will we be deep in the digital world where we even party online on the weekends? We meet up at and we link up on for the after party. Shiieeeee, god forbid that from ever happening...

Maybe i should just cancel all my accounts, and become an outcast from the digital world?

So Sweden is celebrating the National day today.. Congratulations Sweden. I believe the majority of the swedes will be pissy drunk by midnight.

I salute you with a cup of milk and a space cookie.
I'm gonna be home writing...yeaaaaaaah!

I felt real inspired after seeing this dude doing his thing.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did..

Infinite Love
// Peshi