Ca va bien homies and homettes!
I'm back in cold rainy Sweden..
Where did the Swedish summer go?
I usually don’t make any plans leaving the country during the summer cause there is no place like Sweden in the summertime…

But this year I did. Took a lil trip to the south of france… and I loved it.
I was suppose to write a daily blogupdate but then again who wants to blog their vacation away?
Not me..! I tried to have a Internet and phone free vacation for the first time . I did pretty good =)
I stayed away from the Internet a few days, then I had to check the mail every night just to make sure I didn’t miss anything important. Ahaha!

So the city was Montpellier, I visited my homie seb from the juicyjazz collective.He is one of the biggest music lovers and one of the biggest crate diggers I know. He has dope music from every country existing in the world…
I don’t even know how he finds these artists cause they are really really underground…
Ive spent a lot of hours just exploring new music at his crib, only that part was a journey in itself.

To sum up the trip – It was amazing, good food , good peoples beautiful place..
And of course wherever I go in the world I always seem to end up having a studio session.. this time around was no different..
We went to see Grems perform one night , He is one of the dopest emcees out from France. He had show together with his label mates Deephop... we ended up recording a track.
This dudes flow is unbelieveable.
He has a big Buzz in France right now ..
Both as a streetdesigner and as an emcee...

The track we recorded was a BANGER!!
Cant wait to release it…

Thank you seb for everything…
Big up Grems and the whole Deephop crew


Bless & Progress// Peshi